Track Your Pathway To Premier Progress

Track Your Pathway To Premier Progress

Track Your Pathway To Premier Progress

As human beings, we’re hardwired to want to reach the finish line. We crave completion. Crossing items off a to-do list and saying we finished and can move onto the next thing.

Just like we love crossing small tasks off our to-do list, being able to see that we’re even one step closer to a big goal is a huge motivator.

That’s why we created this tracking form for you as you work to achieve your Pathway to Premier Progress.

It will help you maximize your bonuses.

Here is a chance for you or your new Avon Representative to earn over $3,000 in your first 8 campaigns!!

Avon Pathway to Premier Tracking Form

Click here to download the Tracking Form.

This incentive expires once you reach the $5,000 sales requirement for reaching Premier or at the end of your 8th campaign, whichever comes first.

Here are the Details of the Pathway to Premier Incentive:

1 –  Stepping Stone Bonuses reward you with $20 for every $200 in sales you achieve within a campaign.

For example:

$600 in campaign sales = a $60 bonus. You can earn up to a total of $500 in Stepping Stone Bonuses.

In addition, outside of this bonus, you have the ability to earn $20 for each new person you add to your team who sales $150+ in their first or 2nd campaign.

We’ve added this to the form as well.  These $20 bonuses are in addition to the Pathway to Premier Bonuses.

2 – Milestone Bonuses reward you with a 10% bonus for every $1,000 in cumulative sales during your first 8 campaigns, maxing out at a $500 bonus for $5,000 in sales.

For example:

$1,000 in sales = a $100 bonus; $4,000 in sales = a $400 bonus. You can earn up to a total of $1,500 in Milestone Bonuses.

Avon’s New Pathway To Premier Incentive

All and sales count towards the qualifications. Commissions are based on sales of products to customers.

Success in the program can depend on time invested, skill level and other factors.

Earnings potential shown is before expenses, if any.

Go to for all the details.

†Results may vary. The $20 bonus is based on achieving $200 within a campaign.

*Receive a 25% commission on beauty sales on a $40+ order.

This incentive replaces the KickStart program, and goes into effect with Campaign 05, 2020 – February 5, 2020.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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