Unlocking Engagement in Your Avon VIP Facebook Group

Unlocking Engagement in Your Avon VIP Facebook Group

Unlocking Engagement in Your Avon VIP Facebook Group

Have you been struggling to get engagement in your Facebook VIP Group?

I know firsthand how challenging it can be to keep the conversation flowing and the excitement high.

So, how do you create a Facebook group with a high engagement rate?

Growing Your Avon Business Is Pretty Simple

There are only 4 main steps:

  1. Prospecting for new customers & recruits.
  2. Getting a brochure (either paper or digital) to every customer every campaign.
  3. Following up with every customer you gave a brochure to every campaign before you place your order.
  4. Take the order, submit it to Avon and deliver to your customer, or send them to your Avon Online Store to place their order.

And then Rinse and Repeat.

It’s really that simple. You just do these 4 steps over and over again, and you will have a strong Avon business.

We have our Daily 8 System to help you work on the activities that will help you grow your business.

The Daily 8 System Is A Proven Formula

When followed consistently, the Daily 8 Plan will help you maintain the consistency required to build a thriving team and an exponentially expanding residual income.

Instead of working 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, your goal is to capture 8 POINTS a day, 5 days a week for a total of 40 POINTS per week.

Print this sheet and use it to track your weekly points.

Follow this plan consistently for 90-days and teach your team to do the same. At the end of 90 days, REPEAT and then REPEAT again. This is your Daily Method of operation.

The real secret to your Avon Business success is that there is NO SECRET!

It simply takes a simple plan and the dedication and commitment to WORK THE PLAN consistently! That’s it!

Click Here to Download the Daily 8 Plan!

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Learn more about Automating Your Follow-Ups To help you with the Daily 8 Challenge.

Everyone is welcome! Whether you’re on our Avon team or not, we welcome you & invite you to join in. 🙂

Today We’ll Talk About Unlocking Engagement in Your Avon VIP Facebook Group

I know how difficult it can be to keep up the engagement in your Facebook VIP Group.

You think you’re doing all the right things, but all you hear is crickets…

Let’s unravel the secrets to making your group an engaging hub that your customers won’t want to leave!

Why Engagement Matters in Your Facebook VIP Group

Before we jump into the nitty-gritty, let’s remind ourselves why engagement is key.

An engaged VIP Group is a thriving community of like-minded individuals who are excited about Avon products and the amazing experience you offer.

It’s a place where friendships flourish, skincare secrets are shared, and the latest trends are discussed.

When your group is buzzing with activity, it becomes a magnet for new members and a powerhouse for sales.

The Challenge Approach: Sparking Engagement

One of the most effective ways to ignite engagement is by creating a multi-day challenge.

Challenges create a sense of purpose and involvement that keeps members excited and coming back for more.

Let’s break down how to set up a successful challenge using the power of ChatGPT:

Step 1: Define Your Challenge Theme

Choose a theme that resonates with your group’s interests.

It could be anything from a “7-Day Skincare Glow-Up Challenge” to a “5-Day Gift Giving Secrets For Busy Moms.”

Make it relevant, exciting, and aligned with your group’s vibe.

Step 2: Craft Daily Prompts

Create a set of daily prompts that encourage members to share their experiences, thoughts, and tips related to the theme.

These prompts should inspire discussions and interactions among the group members.

Remember, authenticity is key!

Use your personal touch to make the prompts engaging and relatable.

Step 3: Ask ChatGPT To Help You

Now, here’s where the magic happens.

Take Advantage of ChatGPT, a versatile tool that can help you generate captivating prompts and content ideas.

I’ve created a video that demonstrates how to use ChatGPT for this purpose. Check it out below:


Step 4: Kick Off the Challenge

Start the challenge with a bang!

Make an enthusiastic post explaining the challenge’s purpose, rules, and the incredible rewards or incentives participants can win.

Encourage everyone to invite their friends to join in on the fun, fostering a sense of community growth.

Promote your challenge on your own personal social media so that people will want to join your group.

Take advantage of every option you can: Facebook Stories, Posts, Reels, etc.

Step 5: Daily Engagement and Support

Throughout the challenge, maintain a consistent presence.

Respond to each participant’s post, show appreciation for their contributions, and keep the momentum going.

Use ChatGPT to generate additional engagement ideas and conversation starters to keep the discussions lively.

Step 6: Celebrate and Recognize

As the challenge wraps up, celebrate the participants’ dedication and engagement.

Highlight some of the most active contributors, showcase their posts, and offer rewards or shoutouts.

This not only rewards their involvement but also inspires others to participate fully in future challenges.

This Will Help You Build Engagement In Your Facebook VIP Group

Remember, engagement is about creating a space where everyone feels valued, heard, and excited to share.

The multi-day challenge approach, combined with the creative assistance of ChatGPT, can transform your Avon VIP Group into an engaging haven that your members will cherish.

Keep it real, authentic, and full of value – just like we always do!

Stay fabulous, and let’s keep sparking that engagement flame together!

P.S. If you have any questions about setting up your own challenge or using ChatGPT, feel free to drop a comment below or send me a message.

Let’s rock this challenge together!

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Unlocking Engagement in Your Avon VIP Facebook Group

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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