Using Your Avon Brochure to Increase Your Sales

Using Your Avon Brochure to Increase Your Sales

Using Your Avon Brochure to Increase Your Sales

Brochures are your Avon store. They are also a great tool to help you add new customers and to help current customers buy more.

The more brochures you distribute, the more Customers you will get. The more customers you get, the more your business will grow!

Make an action plan to purchase 2 -3 additional packs of brochures to use to find new customers.

And, the more brochures you purchase, the less you pay.

2019 Avon Brochure Pricing

Add a Note On The Brochure

Add a personal note on a brochure to existing customers. Highlight a product or special offer that you think will appeal to them.

Add an all-purpose note to new and existing customers. Highlight an Avon benefit, a product, or a special offer. Or, if you’re interested in earning more with the Avon’s Leadership Opportunity, highlight the benefits of Selling Avon.

Add a targeted note to businesses, clubs, groups, and organizations. Focus on the value that your Avon business can offer them.

Here are some ideas for labels:

Avon Brochure Label - Personalized Avon Brochure Label - All Purpose
Avon Brochure Label - Free Product Avon Brochure Label - Share My Brochure
Avon Brochure Label - Senior Discount

Businesses are a great place to find customers. Doctors offices, dentist offices, chiropractor offices, lawyers, accountants… all of these have anywhere from two or more employees and you can take orders and deliver several orders to the same address. They also tend to buy more because they feed off each other, and each get excited about what the other women are buying.

Here is a suggestion to put on a note for businesses.

I’d like to introduce your (business, club, group, organization) to my Avon store.

I can make shopping a breeze from the comfort of your home or office 24 hours a day/7 days a week!

Call me with your order or enter it via the my personal website. I’ll make an appointment to deliver at your convenience.

I offer variety — Avon’s skin care and color products are excellent and you also can choose from home and gift items, personal care products, jewelry, intimate apparel and fragrances.

I offer confidence and peace of mind — I’ll help you pick out the right products, and give you a sample to try before you buy. And when you buy, Avon’s satisfaction guarantee means you can return an item if needed.

I offer competitive prices at a terrific value — each brochure has new products and bonus specials.

Please call me at __________________________ or e-mail me at ____________________________

or visit my website_________________________ to place an order or ask me any questions about Avon. Thank you!

_________________________, Avon Independent Sales Representative

Customers are often a terrific source of NEW Customers. Use the Power of 3 to ask Customers for referrals. Also encourage Customers to introduce Avon to their friends. An easy way to do this is to leave an extra brochure with your best Customers and encourage them to give it to someone else. Include a note or promotion in the brochure to encourage the Customer to use her brochure to sell to others.

Even Your Online Store Customers Should Receive a Brochure

Even though they’re ordering online, people still like to look at the Avon Brochure.

Please don’t make the mistake of thinking they can view it online. Yes, they can. Of course they can. But you’ll get a lot more sales if you either mail them a brochure or hand deliver one to them. It’s a great follow-up tool.

I use a service from Campaign Mailer which mails brochures for me to my Online Store customers. It’s a very easy and inexpensive way to keep your Avon products front of mind with your customer.

For more information about how I use Campaign Mailer, click here.

When they receive their Avon brochure, they look through it and it reminds them that they want to go online or give you a call to place their order.

Take Advantage of Your Digital Brochure

You also have the ability to text or email Avon Digital Brochures.  So if expense is an issue for you, the Digital Brochure is free.

In my opinion, it’s not quite as effective as a physical brochure.

The reason I believe that is that when you give your customer a brochure, it will probably sit on their counter for a couple of days.  It may eventually migrate to the bedside or bathroom where eventually they will pick it up and read it.  When you text a Digital Brochure to someone they see the text, but if they don’t have time to look at it right away there is a very good chance it will be forgotten.

But, if you choose to use the digital brochure, it is still definitely an option.  Here is a post about how to share your Digital Brochure on social media and other ways.

The key is, it is still critical – whether you mail or deliver a physical brochure, or text or email a digital one – that every customer receive one every campaign.  And then that you follow-up on every brochure every campaign.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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