Using The Avon Promotion Tool To Grow Your Business

Using The Avon Promotion Tool To Grow Your Business

Using Avon Promotion Tool To Grow Your Business

Avon’s new Promotion Tool provides you with a way to strategically send an offer to specific customers!

It’s a great way to target certain segments of your customer base such as frequent shoppers, customers who haven’t ordered in a while, potential customers you meet, and more!

Choose from a selection of offers you want to promote and invest in, like shipping, samples, percent-off discounts.

You choose when they run, and Avon will automatically send emails to the customers you select.

Avon carefully creates the promotions for you to choose from – offers that have been extremely successful in the past and are optimized for customer acquisition.

With careful consideration and analysis of how the cost of the offer impacts you, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about offers.

You will want to consider the financial impact on your own business before selecting an offer.

Keep in mind that any costs associated with the offers you choose to provide will be applied to your account and will be deducted from your earnings when the order is shipped to the customer.

Offers will range in cost but here will even be offers that will not cost you anything!

So, let’s look at some ideas on how to use these offers to grow your business.

Promotion Offer Ideas

I put out a brainstorming request in our Facebook groups.  I didn’t get a lot of response, but I did receive some great ideas:

Michele Risner –

I’m going to get organized first. I did send out a free shipping code today to 11 customers who have bought online in the past 6 months…all had orders over $40 previously. I am going to go through my address book and see who needs updated My plan is to have a promotion for birthdays. That’s as far as I have gotten so far.

Jody Dols –

Would like to run one prize to announce on my bday. Open to suggestions on how to do that. Planning to go live daily and share offers. The C11 & C12 Flyer Offers | Bug Guard Sets | 6 pc Rep Bundle.

My idea about this:  Jody, I would do your raffle or whatever on a Facebook Live, or whatever method you prefer to determine the winner.  Then you could create a promotion for that specific customer in the Avon Promotion Tool.

Linda Church –

I have not had a chance to really delve in yet either but off the top of my head I think I would definitely like to do a code for my 2 year Avon Anniversary in June, and I had thought about doing a code of some kind for my loyal customers as well. I also am interested in a code to encourage shopping from those who have not shopped in a few months.

I also just thought I might do something to encourage signing up as a customer on my estore too.

I love the tool, but I hope we have a little more flexibility in the future to do our own specials like 10% off on the first day of each campaign, encouraging early orders to alleviate out of stock items around the holidays. Just my thoughts so far.

My thoughts:  Linda, I agree.  I hope we will be given a little more flexibility in the future.

My Ideas

I teach a 4 part system to grow your business.

This includes prospecting for new customers, getting a brochure to every customer on your list, following-up with every customer on your list, and then taking the order (either in your online store, or for you to deliver), and then wash, rinse and repeat.

These are the most important income activities you can do to grow your business.

So, I would use the Promotions tool around these activities.

Prospecting for new customers:

There are many ways to prospect for new customers.  We all know that getting their contact My favorite method is using the drawing slips to get their contact information.  I tell them I mail my brochures, and would they like to get on my mailing list?  Then have them fill out the information.

However you prefer to get their contact information, the Promotion Tool can help you.

When you give out a brochure, you can say something like, “If you’ll give me your contact information, I’ll send you a coupon code to give you 10% off, or free shipping,” or whatever you want to offer.

Getting a brochure to every customer:

We teach that using Campaign Mailer is the best way to make sure every customer gets a brochure every campaign.

But over time, you keep adding people to Campaign Mailer and your list grows.  You need to manage this, so you’re not wasting money sending brochures to people who are not ordering.

If a customer has placed an order, I will generally give them 4 months before removing them from Campaign Mailer.  If they have not placed an order, I delete them after 3 months.

At the beginning of each month I go through and clean out my Campaign Mailer list.  This post explains how to do this.

But now, instead of just deleting them, I will create an Avon Promotion to either give them a 10% off or free shipping offer.  I will run it for one week only to create that urgency.

When that week is over, I will open the promotion tool to see who purchased the deal and who didn’t.

The Promotion Tool will show you everyone you sent the promotion to and who placed an order.

My thought process is this is an opportunity to get them to place another order, rather than just “writing them off.”

The ones who didn’t make a purchase will be then be removed from Campaign Mailer.

When I remove them from Campaign Mailer, I add them to my Digital Text List so at least I stay in touch with them.  When they place an order in the future, I add them back into Campaign Mailer.

Following-up with everyone on your list.

I personally don’t think this tool would be a good fit for regular follow-up.

But I see this as a great way to make my customers feel special by sending Birthday Promotions to customers on their Birthdays.

Our customers love being appreciated and love it when we remember their Birthdays.

You could even start right now by sending an email to everyone in your Avon Address book saying that you want to start recognizing Birthdays.  (I referring to an EMAIL for this, NOT a promotion).

If they update their Birthday in their Avon profile, or email you back with their birthday, you’ll give them a coupon for 10% off (for example) right now for responding, and then you’ll send them something special for their birthday.

It would be a great way to get your customer’s birthdays.

Note:  FYI, As near as I can tell, only the customer can update their own Birthday.  I don’t see where the Rep can update it in the address book.  So, if you are asking Customers to email you back with their birthday, you’ll need to find a way to keep track.

Taking the Order

If you work the Avon Promotion Tool, this should be the end result. 🙂

You will want to send your customer some kind of thank you.  I send Thank You Cards in the mail.

I do not suggest a promotion for this.

The idea behind the promotions is to grow your business.  You will want to find a balance between the costs involved and growing your business, and only spend money when it makes sense to do so.

Now it’s your turn

These are just a few of the ideas I have come up with.  I’m sure that the more we use the tool, the more ideas we will come up with.  And over time, Avon may offer us more types of promotions.

Please share your ideas in the comments below.  We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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