Want To Build Your Avon Business On Social Media?

Want To Build Your Avon Business On Social Media?

Want To Build Your Avon Business On Social Media?

Is building your Avon business online on Social Media something you want to do?

I strongly suggest, especially if you’re just starting out, that you build both online and offline.  Your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc., will bring you the immediate income you need.

And as you’re taking care of your current customers, you can start building online as well, which will give you a robust business over time.

Avon hired Social Media Expert Scott Kramer last year to teach us how to market on Facebook, as well as to give us an amazing tool to help us do just that.

The best way to get started is to log into and go through the Avon U training on Social Selling Simplified.  You will love this training – Scott teaches you everything you need to know even if you’re not comfortable online.

Avon Social Link on

On the menu bar on, you will see a link that says Avon Social.  This is the AMAZING tool that has been created to help you share to Facebook.  They give you pre-written posts that you can schedule ahead of time, or you can create your own.  You will LOVE this tool!

Avon Social

Be sure join the Social Selling by Avon Social Facebook Group.  There is a pinned post at the top of the group that says Social Selling Show. This gives you a link to all the recordings of the additional shows after the Avon U training.

Again, be sure to build your business both online and offline (face-to-face) for best results!

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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