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We Must Pay Our Dues To Build A Successful Avon Business

We Must Pay Our Dues To Build A Successful Avon BusinessIt takes time and effort to build a successful Avon business. And in the process, we do have dues to pay.

So let’s look at what that means exactly.

Imagine two people – Mary and Barbara.

Mary signs up to Sell Avon. She wants to do it her way and doesn’t want anybody telling her how to build her business. She doesn’t get on conference calls, she doesn’t attend meetings, she doesn’t get on the phone with her sponsor, doesn’t learn new skills, avoids talking to prospects, and very rarely ever gives out an Avon brochure or a sample.

She has very little experience talking with prospects since she hasn’t really put any effort into getting out of her comfort zone. Mary just waits around for that lucky break.

The great news is that break comes. It always comes for everyone at some point or other. It’s the perfect prospect with the perfect connections and the timing for them is also perfect. Awesome!


What happens to Mary’s business? …Pretty much nothing. Mary says the wrong things. Her inexperience makes her look nervous and she doesn’t really know what to say.

Mary’s prospect decided not to join her in her Avon business, or even to be a customer.

Mary gets frustrated and tells herself, “This never works for me,” or “I knew this wouldn’t work,” and gives up.

Barbara also signs up to sell Avon. She is excited about the possibilities of her new business.

Barbara gets on every conference call and attends every meeting she can find. She reaches out to her sponsor regularly. She takes a chance and gets out of her comfort zone, learning new skills, giving presentations to “live” prospects, and passes out lots of Avon brochures and samples.

Barbara learns how to talk with prospects. And in the process, she gains experience.


Even while Barbara is learning, struggling, and interacting with prospects, that perfect prospect appears! It’s the perfect prospect with the perfect connections and the timing for them is also perfect. Awesome!

What happens to Barbara’s business? …It explodes! Why? Because Barbara put in the effort to gain some experience. When she talked to her new prospect, she was more confident because she interacted with prospects daily.

Each time Barbara passed out an Avon brochure or a sample, she learned a little bit more about dealing with people.

So when that perfect prospect appeared, Barbara knew how to handle it.

That’s why we pass out Avon Brochures, samples, etc. We need to get out of our comfort zone and learn how to interact with prospects in real life. We need to get beyond our warm market, the people who we already know, and meet new people.

Not everybody we give a brochure to or talk to will buy from us.  It's actually a small number – like only 20%.  But every person we give a brochure to or talk to helps us gain more experience so we can be ready when that right one comes along.


So if you just continue on, and pay your dues, your business will explode too! Just keep going, meet new people every day, pass out brochures and samples, and your day will come too!

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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