Welcome Kits For New Avon Representatives

Welcome Kits For New Avon Representatives

Welcome Kits For New Avon Representatives

As an Avon Leadership Representative, you want your new team member to have a strong start. You want to do whatever you can do to help them so they can be successful.

So one of the things I do with my new Representatives is I send them a Welcome Kit from me.

I consider this crucial to getting my new Avon Representative started, and so my goal is to get this Welcome Kit in the mail the same day they sign up – or at least the very next day.

Welcome Kits For New Avon Representatives I send it via USPS Priority Mail. You can fill the Priority Mail envelope with as much as you can fit, with no weight restrictions.

When you use the USPS Priority Mail Envelope, it will cost you $7.75 and will be delivered to anyone in the United States within 1-2-3 business days depending on where it’s being sent.

This is important because I want my new Avon Representative to receive my Welcome Kit before they get their Starter Kit from Avon so they can get started right away.  And sometimes the Avon Starter Kit takes 7-10 days to arrive.

There is no wrong or right Welcome Kit. I’m not saying mine is any better than anyone else’s. Some Leadership Representatives use them and some don’t.

I’m going to share with you what I put in my New Avon Representative Welcome Kit and you can use it as a guide to get started, or adjust to fit your needs.

The first item I put in my New Avon Representative Welcome Kit is 4-6 brochures for the campaign I intend to start them in.

Sometimes Avon assigns a starting campaign 2 or more campaigns in the future and I feel that’s too long. I try to choose a campaign that will give them 7-14 days from the time they will be receiving the welcome kit from me.

I insert my Cover Sheet, personalized specifically for them. This is important because the cover sheet gives them the exact dates their first campaigns is due. New Representatives tend to get confused about which brochure they should be giving out.

My Cover Sheet also gives basic information to my New Avon Representative, such as how to contact me, collecting payments up front, and explains the other flyers I include in the kit.

I insert the Campaign Selling Calendar – You can also download the current schedule on

I insert a copy of my Avon Order Form that they can make copies of if they’d like.

I insert a Pathway to Premier Flyer to help them get started and earning $3,250 in their first 8 campaigns.

I insert the latest Incentive Flyer – For right now it is the Destination Avon 2020 Caribbean Odyssey.

And I might also insert a couple of samples.

So that’s it. I squeeze everything into the USPS Priority Mail envelope and get it to the post office as quickly as I can.

Hope this helps as you’re trying to figure out what would be the best way for you to get your new Avon Representatives off to a great start.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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