What’s Really Holding You Back In Your Avon Business?

What’s Really Holding You Back In Your Avon Business?

What’s Really Holding You Back In Your Avon Business?

Regardless of how long you’ve been building your business, you’re bound to struggle from time to time.

It’s a rare business owner who—at some point—doesn’t feel stuck.

Either you begin to experience burnout, or you aren’t reaching your goals and can’t seem to get past the income plateau you’ve found yourself on.

Finding yourself struggling is a normal part of being in business but staying there isn’t.

Successful Avon Representatives figure out how to overcome the hurdles and overwhelm and continue to grow their business.

And the first step is to determine what exactly is holding you back.

There could be a couple of things that could be causing a problem:


Lack of Clarity

Do you really know exactly what you want out of your Avon business?

Maybe you aren’t clear on who you’re meant to serve or can’t quite envision how or where to find new customers.

These are all symptoms of a lack of clarity, and they can stop a promising Avon business in its tracks.

If you’re suffering from a lack of clarity, take a step back and do some brainstorming (or brain dumping) to get everything out in the daylight where you can see it.

This alone can help you get clear on what your next step is.

Lack of Focus

If you’re clear on your goals but you’re having trouble moving forward consistently, then a lack of focus might be your trouble.

You head to your office each morning with purpose, but by lunch it’s clear you haven’t accomplished anything you set out to do.

You’re not a bad person, or even a poor business owner. You just have trouble focusing on the next step that needs to happen to make your dreams come true.

Try this: With your end goal in mind, brainstorm the next physical action you need to take to achieve it.

Focus on income producing activities, those that will make a real difference in building both your business and your income.

These include:

  • Adding new people to your list every day.
  • Reaching out to new people to offer them a brochure or the Avon opportunity.
  • Following up with the people you previously gave a brochure to or talked to about the Avon opportunity.
  • Getting out of the house and meeting new people. Go shopping and start conversations, pass out brochures.  Stop by doctor offices, dentists, hospital, anywhere with waiting areas or office workers and ask if you can leave some brochures.
  • Join a business group or meetup.
  • Volunteer somewhere where there is good exposure and an opportunity to meet people, build relationships with them, and then talk to them about what you do.

Figure out what types of things you want to focus on to build your business, and then make it a point to get out there and do some of these activities every day.

No Excitement

Bored? Lost interest in that business you once loved?

This is, unfortunately, pretty common among Avon Representatives or anyone who works mostly alone.

That’s why we see so many of them jumping from business to business, never spending enough time in any one endeavor to see it through to success.

Staying excited about your business starts with having a dream that keeps you going even when you’re faced with the day-to-day drudgery that every small business owner encounters.

Not everything is fun when you’re running your Avon business, but if you keep your “why” in mind, it can help you get past the dull spots.

Want to know how to easily fix all these issues (and more)?

It’s a simple trick that the world’s most successful entrepreneurs have been using for decades: vision boards.

These fun and colorful tools are often just what you need to clarify your dreams, work out your next steps, and stay excited about your business.

Vision boards can be as simple as a few images clipped from a magazine and pinned to a corkboard, or as complex as a framed poster with hand-lettered quotes and personal inspiration. The choice is yours.

It’s completely personal, super fun, and best of all, it works. Give it a try next time you’re feeling stuck in your business!

In our next post, we’ll go into more detail about vision boards.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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