When To Stop Following Up With Your Prospect

When To Stop Following Up With Your Prospect

When To Stop Following Up With Your Prospect

As you’re building your Avon Business, following up is one of the most important activities you can do, but it can also be one of the most frustrating.

Part of that frustration comes from… As you’re doing your follow-ups, you will find people who don’t respond at all. You’ve been calling, emailing, texting them… and you get no response.

So When Do You Stop Following Up With Them?

If the person does respond at some point, but she is a jerk or rude, then I disqualify them.

Say you’re doing your follow-ups, and someone texts you back saying, “Stop bugging me!” or “Leave me alone!” It might sound like they disqualified you, but that’s not how I see it.

I would say something like, “No problem.” Then I would disqualify her.

She no longer has the privilege of getting my mentoring, my training, being a part of my team, or having me help her have a successful business.

I know that I am a strong leader, and they’re missing out by not having my support.  This is what you need to feel good about too.  You have a lot to offer a new representative when they join your team.

But in the absence of someone being rude to me, I am not going to stop following up, ever.

I have had people who I’ve been following up with for years, and all of a sudden they get a message from me, and now is the right time for them.

So, Am I Going To Chase Them Or Follow Up Every Single Week?

Absolutely not.

I have a systematic process for following up that I follow.  I use this same process with people I meet at shows, or as I go about my day. The process is the same.

But as time goes by, my follow-ups happen less often.

I Never Stop Following Up

Unless they are rude or disrespectful, there are no leads that I’ll cross off my list.

I will give some leads more attention than others. I will follow up longer if someone is sharp, someone that I’d like to work with, has good energy, and is business connected.

As time goes by, I might start emailing or texting them once a month, or sometimes even once a quarter.

Whenever Avon comes out with something new – a new product or new incentive – I make sure to let all my prospects know about it.

Get creative.  Find other ways to follow up.  Send a card in the mail, or a sample in the mail.  Find something cute to say in an email or a text.  Keep looking for new ways to stay in touch.

But generally, work to stay in touch with prospects at least several times over the year.

You never know when the timing is right for them, and if they are consistently hearing from you, you will be the one they go with.

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When To Stop Following Up With Your Prospect

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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