Where is Your Focus?

Where Is Your Focus

Where Is Your Focus

Your success depends on your ability to focus.  It takes focus to make a plan and stick to it, to get yourself up in the morning and to work, and to keep you from distractions.

The good thing about our business is that we no longer have a boss.  The bad thing about our business can be that we no longer have a boss.

It is up to us to motivate ourselves and move our business forward.  The key is to develop that laser focus.

So what things should we focus on?

1.  Focus your Attention.

Your success depends on where your attention is.  Are you thinking unhappy thoughts?  Worried that someone else is doing better than you, or is luckier than you?  Those things won’t help you move your business forward.   Distractions can be harmful to your business.

That’s why race horses have blinders on – so they will only see what’s ahead of them.  You need pretend blinders as well.  Shut off all those things that distract you from reaching your goals.  Concentrate on happy thoughts.  Be thankful for the accomplishments you’ve made and continue to move that same direction.  Totally focus on your goals.

2.  Focus on Prospecting.

Your business is built with a lot of people each doing a little on a regular basis.  You must prospect to build your team and your customers.  The more people you have in your business, the stronger your business will be.  Also, prospect so that you have team members spread all over the country.  That way a natural disaster won’t wipe out your business.

Keep track of your prospecting efforts and successes.  If the time comes where you’re not making the money you wanted, it is entirely possible that you haven’t been recruiting as much as you thought, or not teaching your new Distributors how to do the same and get moving right away.

3.  Focus on Business Building Activities.

Sure, your desk needs to be cleaned off, but do you have to spend time to do that in the middle of the afternoon?  Wouldn’t it make more sense to use the afternoon to prospect for new distributors and customers, and then clean your desk in the “off-hours?”

To be really successful, 90 percent of your time needs to be spent in front of people – meeting people, building relationships, presenting your opportunity, showing them the products you sell, etc.  Those are the things that will make you money and grow your business.  Learn to prioritize your tasks by which ones will move your business forward.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber