Who Is Responsible For The Success Of Your Business?

Who Is Responsible For The Success Of Your Business?

Who Is Responsible For The Success Of Your Business?

How much of your time should you give a new representative?  How much help?

You’ve gotten a new person in your business and you want to get them off to a great start.  That means that you should spend some time with them showing the system, teaching what they need to do to get started on their business, making their warm list, and even helping them make the first couple of calls or presentations.

Ultimately, each person is responsible for their own success.  Your job as their sponsor is a little like tennis.  You hit the ball over the net, and they need to hit it back.  So you give them an assignment such as, “Spend some time creating your list of 100 names and then call me back.”  Then when they call you back, you’ll work with them to teach them what to say when they call their warm list.  You may even do 3-way calls with them for the first couple of calls to get them started.    But if they don’t do what you’ve assigned them to do, well… they do have the ability to decide for themselves how and when to work, or even if they want to work.

Spend your time with those who are putting out the effort.  When you give them an assignment and they come back to you with it completed, work with them, give them some training, give them another assignment and they’ll do it and hit the ball back.

Financial freedom is really under your own control when you work with your people.  Remember that they may be your next leader or not.  If not, they may lead you to your next leader, and in the meantime you’ll keep sponsoring and getting people started in your business.

Spend your time prospecting and presenting and teach your people to do the same.  Keep doing this and you will achieve the financial freedom you desire.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber