Why Are You Afraid to Talk about Your Avon Business?

Why Are You Afraid to Talk about Your Avon Business?

Why Are You Afraid to Talk about Your Avon Business?

You and your husband had a free night and the kids are out with friends, so you decide to go out to dinner – just the two of you. There’s a new restaurant down the street and you figure it would be nice to check it out!

So you get there; the food is incredible, the service is awesome and the prices are reasonable. Everything was perfect and you had a wonderful time.

On Monday you go to work and what do you talk about? My guess is you’ll go on and on about the fabulous new restaurant down the street, and how they took care of your every need and made you feel so relaxed and welcome. What a great experience you had!

And then every time someone mentions that they’re thinking about going out to dinner, I bet you’ll bring up that restaurant and tell them they’ve got to go and they’ll be so glad they tried it.

So… now you’ve signed up to sell Avon. You’re excited about your new Avon business and really looking forward to all the money you’ll be making. Also, the products are good and are reasonably priced.

So you go to work on Monday, and how many people do you tell about your new business?

What? You feel embarrassed to tell your friends and family about your new business? How come you’re so willing to talk about the restaurant down the street but you’re not comfortable talking with those same people about your new Avon business?

I would venture a guess that the problems lies in the fact that you’re not totally sold yourself. Do you really believe that you’ll be making all that money, or is it just wishful thinking? Do you really believe in the quality of the products? You believe the quality of the service at the restaurant will change other people’s lives, but you’re not 100% sure about your new Avon business.

If you’re having this problem. Take some time to be alone with yourself and really figure out what your belief is.

I know that Avon changes people’s lives. I have many on my team whose lives have completely turned around because of Avon. Maybe you haven’t personally experienced that yet. You will see it for yourself, but it may take time to build those success stories.

In the meantime, go to Sales Meetings, get on e-mail lists, anywhere you can meet other Avon Representatives. Get to know them and ask what Avon has done for them. Spend some time getting really comfortable with selling Avon and the opportunity you have to offer.

It is important that you have the belief before you talk to someone else. They will sense that your belief isn’t there and that’s what will cause the hesitation. And… if you have the belief in your Avon business and in your Avon products, you won’t be able to stop talking about it!

I would love to hear about your experience. Please share your thoughts below.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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