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Why do I Need Training for my Avon Business?

Yes, I know we say that we can start our Avon business with very low cost and anybody can do it.  That’s true, but maybe we’re doing ourselves a disservice by saying that.

Think about it, in other professions it takes 4 years (or more) of college to get us into a job that pays well.  And that’s before they even start earning money.  With Network Marketing, we think all we have to do is join and we’ll start making that kind of money and more.

Unfortunately, we sometimes forget that our earnings directly follow our personal growth.   That growth needs to be cultivated.  Our income is really based on the quality and quantity of training we push ourselves through.   In fact, that may be one reason why many people quit so easily.  They weren’t told about the personal growth that they had to work through.  It really goes back to treating our business like a business.


In order to do something well, we have to learn how.  We even had to learn how to walk and talk, and as time went by, we were experts at it.  But it takes time. Nobody walked the first time they tried, or rode a bike the first time.  In that same spirit, we need to learn the skills of our business.  Nobody knows how to talk to people about their business the first time either.

I have seen people leave the business after not making enough money in their first 60-90 days.  Instead, how about making a minimum 1 year commitment to your business?  Spend time every day growing your business by talking to people and marketing yourself – that’s what’s going to help you make money.  But don’t neglect to spend time every day to work on your personal growth as well.  The two together will dramatically increase your ability to make money.

If you can understand that your income is dependent 100% on what you are doing to grow your business, you are way ahead of the game. The training that you take, the mentors that you choose, the company you work with are all important. But, the most crucial part of the entire picture is still and always will be YOU and your personal growth!


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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber


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