Why Good Customer Service Is No Longer Enough

Why Good Customer Service Is No Longer Enough

Why Good Customer Service Is No Longer Enough

It’s a fact that if customers are not satisfied, they’ll find an alternative.

This is especially true of anyone who deals in commodities.  You might not think of Avon as a commodity, but unfortunately many Representatives treat it as such by giving discounts and lowering their prices.

In my opinion, there is no reason to give any discount unless it is to reward someone for a referral, or booking a party, or something similar.

Avon offers plenty of discounts every campaign in the brochure.  Our products are always on sale.

But I digress, sorry… 🙂

If we want to stand out from other Avon Representatives, it is critical to provide stand-out-top-notch customer centric customer service.

To Create Raving Fans, You Need More

There are plenty of other Avon Representatives out there.  If they are doing a great job taking care of their customers, then they probably have some loyalty.

People are loyal to people.  We’ve all heard the saying that people do business with those they know, like and trust.  So, if you can humanize yourself, you’ll go beyond customer retention toward fan making.

Everyone is Looking for a Better Deal

Life is expensive these days. Even people making good salaries cannot afford to pay for the basics due to high rent and medical insurance costs.

Therefore, if a customer is looking at two representatives, but one representative really stands out with her customer service, the customer will typically choose the one who treats them well.

Businesses Need Social Media Moments

When you provide outstanding customer service that wows them enough to talk about it on social media, it will go viral and provide the all-important social media moments for your business that gets attention and helps calm the fears of new customers.

Some bricks and mortar businesses are setting up Social Media Corners just for picture taking.

Differentiates You from the Competition

If you want to stand out from the competition, get your customers to take a picture of something you did for them that was nice and stood out.

For example, is well known for providing amazing customer care if someone’s pet passes away or gets sick.

These extra touches are appreciated, and it shows in how it’s shared.

Your Customers Want an Experience to Talk About

Most people today are all about having more experiences over stuff.

If you can show how our Avon products create an experience for your customers, you’re going to blast past good customer service into greatness fast.

That’s why Avon is promoting demoing the products – creating Facebook Lives or videos about how the amazing skin care feels and works on your face.

For all these reasons, good customer service is not enough anymore.

I’d like to say that everyone is out there providing amazing customer care and that’s why you must step up.

But sadly, it’s really not the case.

There are many Avon Representatives who do little or just go through the motions, so by providing excellent customer service you will stand out and give your customers a truly special experience.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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