Why Really Shy People Can Be Amazing In Their Avon Business

Why Really Shy People Can Be Amazing In Their Avon Business

Why Really Shy People Can Be Amazing In Their Avon Business

Are you shy? Think you can’t talk to people? Maybe you have team members who aren’t comfortable talking to people.

There are those of us who are extroverts – they get their energy from being with others, and there are those of us who are introverts – they get their energy from being alone. I happen to be an introvert.

Many people who are shy are really introverts.

But Introverts Can Be Amazing In Their Avon Business!

The reason is, an introvert is more likely to actually follow the system.

Introvert vs. Extrovert

Some who is extroverted typically has lots of charisma, personality, persuasion, and influence. They are typically very outgoing, not afraid to talk to anybody, and have tons of friends. Many times, they tend to rely on their innate ability to connect with people and charm or persuade them.

It’s really hard to get them to use the tools and follow the system. They’re just so outgoing and not afraid to talk to anybody, that they think they don’t need the tools and the system.

So, where the extrovert will depend on their own skills and charm and personality, which is NOT duplicatable…

The introvert is more like, “I’m not sure, but watch this video.”

Introverts are more likely to duplicate because they’re willing to use the system and the tools.

Sometimes introverts see leaders up on stage and making all kinds of things happen in their business, the introvert starts thinking, “I can’t do all that.”

But the thing is… they can. And the reason they can is because they are much more likely to follow instructions, use the tools, and follow the system to build their business.

Remember, introverts are typically not really shy. They just don’t like talking to a lot of people and being the center of attention. They can be strong leaders when they just follow the system and let the tools do the talking.

Use The Tools & Events

Building your Avon business is just using the tools and events. That’s really your business.

It’s not about personality and charisma. You need to be friendly, of course… but you don’t need to be that person who knows it all or is full of charisma.

Instead of trying to play the personality game, just be the pointer…

  • Would you like an Avon Brochure?
  • Ever thought of making extra money with Avon? Here’s a flyer with more information.
  • I’m not sure about that. I do know that it makes me feel good. It gives me energy. And it’s 100% guaranteed, so if it doesn’t work for you you can get your money back.
  • For me, Avon provides me the opportunity to be home with my daughter. I love not having to leave her with a babysitter so I can make money.”

In Avon, events can be parties, or open houses, or Avon sponsored events… but each brochure is an event on it’s own.

Avon provides 26 brochures every year, meaning you have 26 events to work towards. Each new brochure is an opportunity to go back to the same customer to get another order, or to get new customers and team members!

In our team, we teach how to automate things like follow-up. And we teach how to use your Avon Brochure to build your business.

And the more you use those tools, the more successful you will be.

An introvert is more likely to rely heavily on tools, and that is what will make you more duplicatable and more successful in your Avon business.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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