Words And Phrases That Achieve Goals

Words And Phrases That Achieve Goals

Words And Phrases That Achieve Goals

We all know how it’s the words we say and the thoughts we think that make all the difference in our success, right!?

So I have a quote for you.

“The future rewards those who press on. I don’t have time to feel sorry for myself. I don’t have time to complain. I’m going to press on.” President Barack Obama.

Great people know that no matter how discouraging your circumstances, you alone can decide to either keep climbing or quit at the first sign of defeat or disappointment.

That is because they have reached some point in their lives where they were pushed to quit, but they never did.

Remember… being able to dream also means you have what it takes to make your dream a reality.

So whenever you feel the need, even to consider quitting on your goals, think about the people that have battled with the same decision you are fighting with and decided not to quit.

Start taking advantage of the power of words when setting your goals. Words can ensure you achieve anything you want.


Achieve any goal you set by using the following sentences or words:

1 – I have what it takes.

The only way of knowing you have what it takes is by trying.

If you don’t try, you will never know how far you can go.

Keep going and learn what it is that you need to know to reach what you are aiming for, but also learn to speak positively.

Believe you have what it takes to get that promotion.

Declare that you have what it takes to expand your client base.

You have what it takes to achieve that next sales promotion.

Look in the mirror each day and remind yourself that you have what it takes even when it doesn’t seem like it.

2 – My work is important.

It’s time to stop undervaluing your work.

Take it serious.  Your work, whatever it is that you’re doing, is important.

When you can acknowledge that, you will be able to create the drive to achieve what you want, and do so splendidly!

If you know your work is important, you will act like your work is important.

Once your actions show and your words go with your belief, your results will show.

3 – I am an achiever.

Saying you are an achiever, knowing you are an achiever, and acting like an achiever will turn you into an achiever. It’s that simple!

4 – I am focused.

Remain focused on your goal and speak it.

Making room for distractions will always move you further away from achieving your goals.

If your goal is to be a better parent, for example, refuse to entertain anything that interferes with spending quality time with your family.

Be there to offer sound advice and show your children how much you appreciate them.

If your goal is to achieve that next sales level in your Avon business, for example, plan a path to achieve it, track your sales every campaign, and course correct as needed.

Just remain focused and you’ll get there.

Quotes From Famous Achievers

I put together a list of some of my favorite quotes from some of the world’s highest achievers, and I wanted to share them with you.

You can learn so much by watching and listening to successful people.

I love these quotes.  Maybe some of them will resonate with you too.

“You do not learn to walk by following the rules. You learn to walk by doing and falling over.” -Richard Branson

“Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire. This is your moment. Own it.” -Oprah Winfrey

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” -Steve Jobs

“If you are not stubborn, you will give up on experiments too soon. If you are not flexible, you will pound your head against the wall, and you won’t see a different solution to a problem you’re trying to solve.” -Jeff Bezos

“Everyone’s dream will come true if you just stick to it and work hard.” -Serena Williams

“You measure the size of the accomplishment by the obstacles you have to overcome to reach your goals.” -Booker T. Washington

These are just a few of my favorites!  Find a wildly successful person and learn from them.

As you can see from many of my favorite quotes, everyone has challenges, but these people have overcome them and are sharing what they learned with us.

To be successful, you need to drink that up.  Listen to and follow someone who’s achieved what you want to do.  There is so much to learn.

Being a go-getter requires a go-getter mentality.

If you have trained your mind to doubt your capacity to get what you want, start overriding such thoughts with positive words.

No one worthwhile has it easy in life.

Everyone has their share of problems and obstacles.

We all feel like quitting when the going gets tough, but only those who refuse to give in to the feeling make it big.

Please… It’s important that you understand that you are the only one who has the power to silence the noise and achieve great things in your life.

So, forget about being underestimated.

Forget about failing.

Forget about disappointments and start working on bringing your ideas to life.

Nothing can stand in your way if you rely on the power of words.

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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