Words And Ways Of Encouragement

Words And Ways Of Encouragement

Words And Ways Of Encouragement

The secret to many successful people is that they see the positive in their life. They have challenges in their everyday life, just like all of us. However, they choose to see the good in most situations, rather than the bad.

They have learned that by changing their mindset, this repetition builds new neuro-pathways in their brain so their life becomes more automatic creating the many positive decisions in their life.

They have also learned that like-minded positive people are attracted to other positive, outgoing people.

How about you?

Do you feel uplifted or disappointed when you hang around negative people who always have an excuse to not be able to do something?

Or do you look forward to being around happy, exciting friends or groups that laugh and do adventurous things!

You can play a game called “Catching Someone Doing Something Right!”

As you go about your daily routine either at work or pleasure, concentrate on complementing people instead of judging or complaining to them. Begin noticing their reaction as well as your feelings in each situation. Did you get a positive response? Did it turn an awkward or difficult situation into an easy resolution?

Have fun with it!

Here is a list of Words and Ways of Encouragement to replace those criticisms with compliments that will attract more positive decisions and people into your life:

RemarkableYou Tried HardLooking Good
Great Discovery
RewardsYou Really TriedYou’re Incredible
Brownie PointsSmilesHip, Hip, Hooray You’ll Make It
I Respect You
WowYou’re SpecialBlow A Kiss
Hurray For YouHow NiceSpectacularYou Care
Great IdeaJumping For JoyWay To GoGood Job
You’re On Top Of ItAchievementYou Can Do It
Thanks For CaringYou’re A JoyGood WorkKisses
Wave Of The Hand OutstandingYou’re Wonderful
FantasticPat On The HeadGreatFantastic Job
Ruffle Hair
You’re Catching OnApproving Nod
Thumbs UpYou Did ItGood For YouExcellent
You’ll Make It HappenGreat WorkSuper JobCheer
You’re ResponsibleListenYou’re Precious
Pat On The Back BingoNice Work
You’re ImprovingHigh FiveYou’re FantasticSuperb
Show GratitudeNow You’ve Got ItI Trust You
Now You’re FlyingI Like YouYou Are Fun
SuperYou’re Making ProgressWell Done
MarvelousA Job Well DoneHugsWink
You’re SensationalBravoYou’re A WinnerExceptional
PerformanceYou Make A DifferenceLet’s Try Again
TerrificYou’re Exciting • Good • I Knew You Could Do It
What An Imagination
DynamiteCelebrateYou’re Important
Hot DogSpecial TreatsI Like Your Work
You’re Super

So, do you think this simple change could make a difference in your life?

Were you able to give someone having a bad day your smile?

Just remember to look for the best things in every situation and be excited about life changing around you. Be happy to be growing and learning new things. Let go of the excuses and look forward to the exciting new people, ideas and adventures that will be coming into your life!

And let me know how others are now responding and how you feel ‘Catching someone doing something right’!

Written by Richard Huber

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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