You Don't Need To Fix Your Brain To Be Happy...Fix Your Habits I

You Don’t Need To Fix Your Brain To Be Happy…Fix Your Habits Instead

You Don’t Need To Fix Your Brain To Be Happy…Fix Your Habits Instead

How happy are you with your life?  How about your Avon business.  Are you happy with the direction it’s headed?

Did you know that anything that isn’t making you jump for joy can be fixed or changed?

The key, however, is that only YOU hold that power to make your life joyous. It’s not up to your spouse, kids, parents, or boss.

You are the only one in complete control of your life, so you deserve to live the life of your dreams.

Mindset is a big buzz word recently

It simply refers to those learned attitudes we hold about absolutely anything and everything that’s in our mind.

We have a money mindset, a career mindset; in your Avon business you’ll hear terms like ‘fixed’ or ‘growth’ mindset.

While our mindset is certainly important to how we perceive life, what we need to make changes is tiny habits, which combined over a period of time become automatic habits that we don’t think about any more.

These automatic habits compound into many small successes, which can also help change our mindset. It’s a huge cycle but one which can be changed at any point.

How to Add Tiny Habits to Your Day

Since every person’s goals will be different, so will every person’s tiny habit choices.

These are just a few ideas and certainly not a comprehensive list.

Choose whichever tiny habits make you happy and more fulfilled (and moving toward your goals) and continue building on those.

To begin, decide what exactly makes you unhappy then think of a resolution. That resolution may be your ultimate goal, or it may be a much smaller goal leading to a bigger one.

It’s not enough to just THINK about a resolution; you must then take action, either in the form of approaching someone to discuss your unhappiness or by creating your tiny habits.

Some general tiny habits that anyone can add to their routines include: meditation, yoga, cardio exercise, writing a gratitude journal, journal about all areas of your life or your goals, listening to empowering podcasts, praying, and healthy eating.

If you’re specifically unhappy at work:

Are you still in your day job, looking for a way out?

  • Find little blocks of time to fit your Avon business in. When I was working, it was listening to trainings on my drive back & forth to work, making phone calls on my lunch break, sending emails at night when I got home from work, and setting up a table outside K-Mart on Sunday afternoons.
  • If you are actively working your Avon business and starting to see success, it will make it easier to stomach your day job because you know the time will come when you can let that job go.

If you hate your job and seriously need to get out of it now, maybe another job would work out better while you build your Avon business.

  • Spend 5 minutes a day looking for a new job; apply for a new position inside your current company; rewrite your resume; seek a mentor for advice; get active with business networking groups; upgrade your skillset; write down a daily work goal and cross if off the list when achieved.

If you’re unhappy with your relationships:

  • Spend a few minutes every day registering with online dating services or browsing their databases; ask friends to set you up; join Meetup Groups based on a hobby or interest; make a point of accepting invitations to go out with groups of friends; reconnect daily with spouse or partner; go on regular date nights where you don’t talk about work or kids; try a new hobby or activity together; reconnect with old friends or family members.

If you’re unhappy spiritually:

  • Spend time everyday doing spiritual reading; create a meditative morning and evening routine; spend time every day doing self-care routines; seek advice from religious or spiritual leaders; listen to spiritual podcasts or music; volunteer to help the less fortunate.

As you can see, there’s no magic wand that can change your level of happiness.

But I believe in you!  And I know you got this!  Just take the action and implement these tiny steps towards your ultimate goals, and soon you will be living the life YOU want.

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EXPECT Success!

By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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