Your Mindset Determines Your Business Success

Your Mindset Determines Your Success In Your Avon Business

Your Mindset Determines Your Success In Your Avon Business

More than any other single factor, it is your mindset that determines your success in your Avon business.

It’s that internal dialogue – the voice in your head – that drives every success story, and also every failure.

It’s your mindset that determines the difference between where you are in your business and where you want to be. Once you start to change your mindset, your behavior will immediately start to change.

One place this is especially true is in closing, or getting someone to join Avon.

I’m not perfect either. I also have a mindset – that’s good… and lots of times, not so good.

I’ve had times when I couldn’t get someone to sign up to sell Avon if my life depended on it.

I couldn’t understand… I was doing all the right things. I was doing the follow-ups.  I was asking people to join me in my Avon business. But they weren’t signing up.

Then I started realizing the thinking that was going on inside my head. I found myself thinking, “Oh, they’re not going to be interested. They don’t have the money to join or they would have already.

But you know what! By having that mentality, that’s exactly what I was encouraging people to say to me!

It’s strange, but true…

Sometimes it’s our own fear of something happening that creates that exact thing to happen.


When we have a rejection mindset, we keep telling ourselves that things won’t work out the way we want.

And those negative thoughts began to impact our behaviors – including the way we speak, our words, and our body language – which impacts the way others respond to us.

The very thing we’re scared of happens because we made it happen with our mindset.

  • People who worry about money are the people who always seem to run into objections about money.
  • People who are concerned about time being an issue are the people who always seem to run into objections about not having enough time.
  • People who are worried about what their friends think about their business, or that they’ll think it’s a pyramid scheme are the ones who always seem to have people ask, “Is this one of those pyramid schemes?”

So here’s the thing… even though we might not be face-to-face with the person we’re trying to close, and even though we are copying and pasting text into a text message so there’s no chance that it’s our behavior that the prospect is picking up…

It will still happen. I know it’s weird, but it’s true…

Your internal dialog is putting it out to the universe. If you don’t expect them to join, they probably won’t.

Our fears and attitudes about things influence outcomes more than the attitudes of the people we’re dealing with.

If you have a fear of closing, you much change what your internal voice is saying right before you go into the close.

When I’m starting to notice that I’ve had a lot of no’s lately, I’ll examine my thinking, and I usually find that I’ve fallen back into old patterns.

I have a mantra I say right before I do each follow-up. I’ll tell myself, “They’re absolutely going to love this! They’re going to think this is the best thing ever, and they’re either going to join my business or become a good customer.”

It’s amazing! When you change your thinking, there is an amazing shift in your results.

Changing the way you think changes what you say – and even more important, the confidence with which you say it. And when you change how you come across, people can feel the difference and your sense of certainty and conviction.

And even if you’re not in front of someone – but just doing text & email follow-ups – it tells the Universe what you expect from this interaction, and the Universe will work to comply with your wishes!

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber

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