Your Phone Is The Second Best Way To Prospect

Your Phone Is The Second Best Way To Prospect

Your Phone Is The Second Best Way To Prospect

After face-to-face, the phone is another great way to prospect.  The phone still allows for that immediate two-way communication.  If you say things that will arouse their interest, they will be willing to talk with you.

This gives you the opportunity to ask questions, find out what they are thinking and what their needs are, and determine whether they might be a fit for your Avon business, or might be a potential customer.

Ninety percent of your time should be spent prospecting.

You’ll want to make the best use of your available time to grow your business.

Things like spreadsheets, cleaning your desk, etc. are important tasks, but are better suited for time periods when you can’t actively prospect.

If you’re not actually talking to a prospect, then you should be looking for them.

The telephone is a great way to further your business.  There are many ways to get leads, and that is really a discussion on its own, but you’ll want to make it a point to call them on a regular basis.

Get on the phone and go for 3-4 hours straight.  Set a goal for how long you will spend on making phone calls, and don’t quit until you reach that goal.  You’ll be surprised by how well those efforts will pay off.

Do this for 2 weeks in a row and watch your business explode!

If you have to leave a message on a voice mail or answering machine, say “I have exciting news!  Call me back!”  Then when they call, be prepared to tell the prospect what the exciting news is.

It could be a new product, or a special on the sign-up process, or even a big meeting or event coming up.

Be excited and your prospect will be too.

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By Lynn Huber

Lynn Huber